Puppy Angel | Primadonna Panties For Dogs

Puppy Angel


These pretty dog panties are designed to be comfortable for your dog. Made from 95% cotton and 5% polyester, they have an elasticated waist and legs. The back is layered with lace material with a silver and black design which looks adorable.

Small will fit a very tiny dog up to 3lbs with a waist of 21cm / 8.3 inches

Medium will fit a very small dog up to 6lbs with a waist of 23cm / 9.1 inches

Large will fit a small dog up to 12lbs with a waist of 29cm / 11.4 inches

XL will fit a small dog up to 18lbs with a waist of 36cm / 14.2 inches

WAS £13.50, NOW £10.00!!

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