Hennessy & Sons | Royal British Saddle Leather Dog Collar

Hennessey and Sons


Royal Leather Dog Collar

  • British Saddle Leather
  • Alsavel soft, hypo-allergenic, & water resistant collar lining
  • 316L surgical stainless steel buckles
  • Includes dog name tag
  • Black, chocolate brown, and red brown
  • Matches Royal British Saddle Leather dog lead

    Sizing Guidelines

    The sizes below indicate the range of the dog collar from the smallest loop to the largest and not the exact size of the neck. A small amount of space should always be allowed between the neck size and collar size:

    Small:                   18cm - 25cm / 7-10 inches; width 14mm

    Medium:               29cm - 35cm / 11.5-14 inches; width 18mm

    Large:                   38cm - 46cm  / 15-18.5 inches; width 22mm

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